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12/12/2012 at Rayleigh Lanes


Bob Miller (Half Moon) 0-2 Ron Johnson (Vange W.M.C.)
Mark Stafford (Holder, The Golds) 2-0 Graham Spooner (Touchline)
Lloyd Evers (Mall Stealers) 0-2 Carl Smith (The Golds)
Dave Rumble Snr (Rileys Regulars) 2-0 John Farrow (Invacar)


Dave King (Maxgem) 0-2 Darren Watts (The Crazies)
Andy Brown (Railway Busters) 2-1 Luke Doyle (Barn Doors)
Tony Blackburn (Railway Woodham) 0-2 Tony Behan (Club Woodham)
Ron Johnson (Vange W.M.C.) 0-2 Mark Stafford (Holder,The Golds)
Kevin Langley (Barnhall) 1-2 Jim Tidbury (Benbow)
Ray Ambrose (Hullbridge C.Ct.) 2-1 Alan Graham (Mall Menaces)
Max Holmes (Rayleigh Smugglers) 2-0 Darrell Claydon (Wickford R.B.L.)
Carl Smith (The Golds) 0-2 DaveRumble Snr (Rileys Regulars)


Darren Watts (The Crazies) 2-1 Andy Brown (Railway Busters)
Tony Behan (Club Woodham) 1-2 Mark Stafford (Holder, The Golds)
Jim Tidbury (Benbow) 1-2 Ray Ambrose (Hullbridge C.Ct.)
Max Holmes (Rayleigh Smugglers) 2-0 Dave Rumble Snr (Rileys Regulars)


Darren Watts (The Crazies) 1-3 Mark Stafford (Holder, The Golds)
Ray Ambrose (Hullbridge C.Ct.) 0-3 Max Holmes (Rayleigh Smugglers)
Winner : Mark Stafford (Holder, The Golds)
Max Holmes failed to attend finals night. Mark is singles champion 2012-13.No runner up
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