1.    Vic’s Summer League shall be open to all clubs registered with the Wickford & District Dart League.  The League was formed to promote the playing of competition darts for those players and clubs who wished to continue playing through the summer. The format of the league will be decided by the Committee Member(s) authorised by the Wickford & District Dart League to run the competition, and the Records Secretary.  This agreed format will depend on the number of teams entering the league and may vary from season to season, but see 6 below.


2.    The rules of Vic’s Summer League will be decided in Committee, and not placed before the Annual General Meeting in line with the normal rules of the Wickford & District dart League.


3.    A charge of £4 (four pounds) will be made to cover the cost of running the League and the purchase of trophies.  Each player shall be male and must be registered with the Wickford & District Dart League.  A team shall consist of at least seven players, but no limit, other than that set by the number of games to be    played, is placed on the number of players who may take part in each match


4.    Each club may have up to five guest players in their team. Each guest to pay £3 to register for the season.


5.    All matches to be played on a bristle board. The board to be hung 5ft 8 inches from the centre of the Bull to the floor and 7ft 9¼ inches along the floor from the point where the vertical measurement is taken to the Oche.


6.    A round robin group will be played. The top four after all matches have been played will qualify for the semi-finals. 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd. The semi-final winners will compete in the final.


7.    Where teams points are equal, the number of legs for will count – team with the most legs for will take precedence. If teams are equal after this teams head to head results will count. If required a tiebreaker shall be played to a format decided by the League Committee.


8.    Players who register scores of 180 will qualify for the John Obeney Cup. Players who finish with scores of 111 or better will qualify for the ESL Cup.


9.    The following format will be used at all matches:

One Fours 801 up (One leg); Two Triples 701 up (One leg), Three Pairs 601 up (One leg); Seven Singles 501 up

(All 1 leg) (Total of 13 legs)

9.1. All games shall be double start and double finish.

9.2. Away team to start then alternate starts.


10.  All players’ names are to be entered on the results sheets in a clear and legible way. The players surname must be entered at all times, it will not be acceptable to enter only Christian names, abbreviated names or nicknames. Each player must sign for each leg he plays in.


11.  Matches should start at 8.30 pm but no later than 8.45 pm. If a full team is not present at the start time the match will commence using whatever players are available.


12.  However, if the team cannot produce a minimum of six players by 9.15 pm then they forfeit the match. If no players are available by 8.45 pm then the match is also forfeited. Continuity of play must be maintained and if a team is unable to continue because of a shortage of players at any time then the match is also forfeited.


13.  The opponents in a forfeited match to be awarded the game by their average score at the end of the season – both home and away leg average to be calculated.


14.  If any team fails to fulfil a fixture they may be withdrawn from the Vic’s Summer League and, subject to the findings of the League Committee, fined in line with the general provisions of the Wickford & District Dart League Rules.

14.1. Teams failing to fulfil a fixture, may be refused entry the following year, subject to the findings of the committee.


15.  Any matters not covered by the above rules or the existing Wickford & District Dart League rules will be dealt with

by the League Committee.  All complaints must be made, in writing, to the Records Secretary.